Asian Eye Surgery (Double Eyelid Surgery)

Dr. Carr has a special interest in cosmetic surgery for the Asian patient.

His expertise includes the “double eyelid” operation, designed specifically for Asian patients, which creates or enhances the upper eyelid crease, often when none existed before. If you are looking for oval-shaped eyes, a more “Western” appearance, and wider peripheral vision, this procedure may be for you.

About the procedure

Dr. Carr makes an incision from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Once it heals, this incision will be well hidden in the newly formed crease. The procedure takes about two to four hours under light general anaesthesia in our private operating room, and you will be able to recuperate at home afterwards.

What you can expect from recovery

You will experience some bruising and swelling for several days. This discomfort is easily manageable with ice and medication, and by reducing your activity level. Sutures are removed after about a week, at which time you can wear contact lenses and return to work using makeup to conceal any remaining bruising.

What you’ll look like afterwards

Your eyes will appear more oval, or “Western” shaped, and your peripheral vision will increase.

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