Cesarean Section (C-section) Scar Reduction Surgery

One of the most common surgeries undergone by women is childbirth by cesarean section – also known as C-section surgery.

While many C-section surgeries result in barely noticeable, horizontal scars below the underwear line, there are times when large, raised, discoloured, painful or even vertical scarring happens. The C-section scar revision procedure is used to reduce to the scar that remains after a cesarean section and creates a more subtle appearance.

The C-section scar revision surgery is often combined with other procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck or a “mommy makeover”, which may include a combination of cosmetic procedures including breast lift, liposuction and/or body contouring.


About the procedure

The usual method for a C-section scar revision involves opening the incision and reclosing it carefully with a precision surgical technique that reduces the size of the scar. If the surgery is done on its own, it is performed under IV/local sedation. If it is combined with another surgery (e.g. breast augmentation or breast lift), it will be under general anaesthetic. The procedure usually takes approximately two hours. Dissolvable stitches are used so there are none to remove afterwards. You will be able to go home the same day and the recovery time is usually one week. In some situations, where the muscle is separated or there is excess skin, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may be required. If you are having a tummy tuck, a scar revision is a component of the surgery.

Why Select Dr. Carr

Scar revisions are a frequent surgery for plastic surgeons because they require a plastic surgeon’s deft surgical touch. Dr. Carr has many years of experience improving C-section scars as well as facial and body scars.

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